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For the past seven years Jesse Hoff, has been traveling the world. His travels have taken him to four continents, 32 countries, and all fifty of the United States. His images are available for stock, advertising, corporate, personal, fine art and editorial usage. Jesse is also available for assignment work. Jesse has been an active freelance photographer, videographer, and web designer for 10 years and uses Canon and Sony digital technology. His stock work is represented by Dreamstime. Jesse holds an interdisciplinary degree in Applied Science from the School of Engineering at Rutgers University and is currently in Norway.

Jesse's assignment and published credits include the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, the University of Alaska's publication the Sun Star, Public Citizen, Healing Path magazine, the UAF Music Dept, Performer Magazine, UAF Theater Dept, and the Skagway News. The University recently awarded Jesse four awards including "Best of Show," for his photo "Perseverance" in the Peter Mackeith Photography Competition. Jesse has also received 1st and 2nd place honors from the Alaska Press Club.

Photographers Statement:

I often say that I like photography because it gives me an excuse to stare, to observe something and not look odd while doing so.  I find photography provides an enhanced sense of visual awareness, it allows me to document, to a certain degree, what my eye sees but it also allows me to see beyond the capabilities of the eye. This part of photography truly interests me: the art forms ability to go beyond what nature has given us. 

I enjoy how photography forces me to become more aware of light itself. This vital energy source is what a photographer must learn to see in different ways: the quality, the angle, the different colors it takes on.... I find it only fitting that this energy form that permeates the universe, is the very energy source that makes much of life possible. It is a joy to study photography; in essence it is the study of truly seeing things in a different light.

To increase awareness and compassion is my primary goal as an artist and as a person. My hope is that my images can inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. I wish for others to see the world and life for what they are: a delicate balance that can easily be tipped and destroyed, a constant process of becoming, and a beautiful gift. If I can convey this understanding to others, if I can stop an individual, make them wonder, or feel at peace for a second then that will make all the difference.

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Photo by Airica Parker
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